Lordswood 2S vs New Ash Green 40-0

Firstly a MASSIVE thank you to Richard Edgcumbe and Billy Davies who played for NAG, without them volunteering there would have been no game.

Despite winning 85 nil it was a default game so 40 nil will be recorded.

Eight different players scored and James Dorman slotted over 10 conversions and managed not to put the ball in the woods too often.

Miles Gibson dropped the ball several times but compensated with some excellent line out work.

Niall Doherty receives the digital clock award (no hands) for his inability to catch the ball and yet he still managed to score twice.

Some great play from our new young backs who’s names I have yet to learn gave us a huge advantage.

The Gentlemen are away to Tonbridge Judds next week lets keep the team together, Ring Chris and let him know your availability.

If you need to see the physio Monday or Wednesday evening let Chris know as soon as possible.

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