Brockleians vs Lordswood 22-5


This game will probably be remembered for the 7 cards (4 – 3 in Lordswood s favour) that were issued rather than the spirited effort displayed by the travelling side that saw them remain in contention until the last 10 minutes. Playing fully into the face of storm Desmond, Lordswood secured early possession and with drives from Patrick Edgcumbe and Chris Callawaythings were looking promising for Lordswood to win the all-important battle up front. In truth the first 20 minutes were pretty unremarkable which suited the away side playing into the wind and it was a surprise that Brocks did not opt to kick more. Lordswood s highlight was an incisive break from Paul Notley. On his own 10 metre line Notley saw the gap in the Brocks defence and the 42 year old showed that he still has a turn of pace. Dancing Blair like, Tony not Lionel, the ball was carried to the Brocks 22 before the move broke down. These were not easy conditions and the penalty count was increasing. The referee lost patience and it was the Brocks skipper who saw yellow (the first of their three). Playing with 14 did not hamper the home team who by now had worked out that if the ball was kicked long it was very difficult for the opposition to get back upfield. From a scrum they moved the ball down the line and just as it seemed the winger would score, Alex Wellings appeared out of nowhere to make a very solid try saving tackle. This marked 5 minutes of Brocks possession in the Lords 22 and they were finally rewarded with a score from the base of a scrum. Conversion missed 5 – 0. From the restart Brocks secured possession and mention must be given to the text book tackle made by Simon Kaya – impressive technique from the Second rower who is playing better and better each week. Into the gale was hard work but with yards being made one by one Lordswood advanced into Brocks territory before earning a scrum 10 yards out. Could the Southwark €˜uber scrum be repeated? It looked on the cards as the pack drove to the 5 metre line. Brocks were better clued than Southwark however and wheeled. Wayne Crowhurst picked up and made another couple of yards. Martin Holsman valiantly stretched forward in an effort to make the extra ground required but was just short. At 5 – 0 Lordswood would have been very pleased to hear the half time whistle but Brocks cleared their lines with the wind taking them from their own 22 to around 10 metres from the Lordswood line. They caught the ball cleanly from the line out and burst through for a score.

Half time 10 – 0.

Second half – Patrick Edgcumbe entered a ruck in the middle of the pitch and conceded a penalty. No big deal but the referee thought differently and produced a yellow card. Even the Brocks supporters were surprised and it made a difference. Brocks approached the challenge of the wind in their faces differently to Lordswood and gave their backs a chance. They showed some good skills and only great tackling from Dave Jacobs, Billy Davies and the dependable Alex Wellings kept them out. The next score was important and it came from Brocks. They were awarded a penalty close to the Lordswood line. An old fashioned props crash took them over. 15 – 0. Lordswoods heads could have dropped but they still felt in with a chance. Patrick Edgcumbe refreshed by his 10 minutes on the side-line rallied the troops and Alex Wellings put Lordswood into the Brocks 22 with the kick of the game. The Lordswood forwards pummelled the Brocks line. Ben Venables, Joe Allan and Sean Frankland were all hauled down just short of the line butChris Callaway epitomised the tremendous Lordswood commitment with his Braveheartesque declaration that he €˜was not going into ****ing touch (he didn t). The only way Lords could be kept out was by a series of infringements and it was from one of the resulting penalties that Paul Notley took a quick tap and went over. In doing so there was a suspicion that his elbow had accidentally caught the Brocks tackler. Notley s effort was disallowed as the referee was still talking to the Brocks skipper but Lords could not be denied and Patrick Edgcumbe was the man who went over from a rolling maul. No conversion but at 15 – 5 there was a way back for Lordswood. Desperate to return to the opposition half Paul Notley, perhaps over enthusiastically, applied his trade mark fend to a tackler. Brocks retaliated and Chris Callaway took exception. Yellow cards followed for both Callaway and Notley. Lordswood were not in total agreement on this interpretation of events and matters were immediately made worse when the referee heard a comment to this effect. The unlucky Pete €˜ it wasn t me Curtis was singled out as the offender and festive season or not the referee felt it was time to give his red card an airing. With Lordswood down to 12 their race was run and Brocks managed a further converted score to earn the bonus point. Man of the match went to scrum half Gareth Lister who, despite looking increasingly like his bearded hero Noel Edmonds, continues to perform consistently and get the best out of the Lordswood pack.

Saturday 12th December the 1st team are at home to New Ash Green (14.15 kick off) and the Second team travels to Canterbury.

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