Lordswood II vs Old Williamsonians II 40-0


Let us start with the red nail varnish worn by Si Howe, we are a forward thinking club and accept and embrace people of all orientations, although to be fair he plays in the backs where that sort of thing is practically mandatory and it must have made all the difference to his drop goal style conversion in the dying seconds of the game.

12 tries were scored half of them by our resident little star Mike Scaife I wont list them all but if you want to know he will be bringing out a talking book in time for the end of the season. He also continued his personal record breaking run of 1 conversion kick 1 scored. Steven Wilton powered over the line for his try fighting to retain the ball from one of his own players, someone who really deserved to score (no hard feelings mate).

Callum Austen Watkins had an amazing game and scored with his usual verve he also added to the game by bringing his dad along to watch who then ended up playing an impressive game at hooker (thanks daddy). Lee Evans scored a try mostly by just battering the opposition out of the way and thanks to his little brother Shaun there are a least two OWs who wont be dancing tonight. James Dorman scored but I cant remember how but I’m sure it was pretty impressive as was his kicking 8 conversions. Did Shaun Evans score I’m going to say yes as hes a lot bigger than me these days.

But it wasn’t all plain sailing. Justin Eldred‘s impersonation of an arthritic old lady once he had crossed the line resulted in him being held up by the smallest player OWs had whereas John Jones’s rendition of the dance of the sugar plum fairy just short of the line resulted in a knock on when he had his nuts cracker-ed in a tackle.

A massive thanks to all who played to Al Cannon who refereed and to Notters and Chris for getting everyone there.

A very Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you all.

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