Lordswood II vs Tonbridge Juddian IV 51-23


Despite only playing half a game Shaun Evans still managed to score three tries. Putting a JCB to shame he bulldozed and bludgeoned his way through the opposition defense leaving a trail of bodies in his wake one of them requiring hospitalization.

With Big Bro Lee scoring one, Dave Evans one, Reece (Beastie) Gue two, Simon Howe one and Simon Kaya smashed it over for his first try as pack leader (1 for 1) it was left to a selection of kickers Dave Evans one, John Jones one and Reece (Beastie) Gue one to round up the scoring. The fact that their prop got broken 10 minutes into the game and they ran out of subs was a testament to the ferocity of the Lordswood team.

Dan Wellards throwing in and Mike Newtons generous interpretation of the “not straight” law meant that Lordswood could bring into play their well rehearsed set pieces resulting in several tries.

Thanks to Mike Newton for reffing never an easy task at the Wood and to Billy for Captaining the side (2 for 2).

Next week a just a short jaunt to Maidstone so let Billy or Chris know as soon as possible that your available and lets keep the Lordswood machine rolling.

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