Lordswood vs Hastings 5-22

Half time woes scupper Lords!

After being on the receiving end of a 100 point drubbing on the visit to Hastings earlier on the season this was never going to be an easy fixture for the home team but they gave the Sussex side a run for their money and but for the loss of key players, the result may have been different.

Hastings started the game with the elements in their favour and enjoyed the majority of the territory and possession for the first 15 minutes. Their energetic backs however got no change out of a committed Lordswood midfield defence being led by Matt Iles who at the earliest opportunity crunched his opposite number to announce his arrival at the club. In fact it was Iles who launched Lordswood’s first serious foray into the Hastings half with a straight run which carved through the defence.

Hastings found themselves putting into the scrum five metres from their line and from pressure applied by Paul Notley, who was at his annoying best, the kick was charged down and then pounced upon by Gareth Lister. Three tries in three games for the Welsh maestro. Hastings immediately came back at Lordswood. They squandered several opportunities due to their own errors but were also foiled by the excellent Lordswood defence.

Credit to the whole of the Lordswood team but special mention to Callum Watkins and James Carroll for making the hits of the afternoon. Eventually something had to give though and Hastings earned themselves a converted try to take a 7 -5 lead into the half time break.

If the Lordswood plan had been to weather the first half storm and then take advantage of the conditions themselves, then it had worked well. Sometimes though even the best laid plans are not fool proof. During the break Callum Watkins, Miles Gibson and front row powerhouse Sean Frankland were all carrying injuries and had to be replaced. The final nail in the coffin was the loss of fly half Michael Scafe who was called into work to, ironically, put the final nail in a coffin.

Hastings continued to apply pressure, scored an unconverted try and then kicked a penalty to get the crucial two scores ahead. Lordswood had their chances though and in the best move of the match, Connor Gue and James Caroll linked with Matt Ward to move the play from the Lordswood 22 to the Hastings 22. Hastings were forced to kill the ball and the referee agreed with the crowd that this was worthy of a yellow.

More Lordswood pressure and another yellow for Hastings who were now down to 13. Unfortunately Lords could not press home the numerical advantage and with 5 minutes remaining found themselves reduced to 14 with Paul Notley asked to take his usual break from the action. One more try for Hastings which was converted. Final score 5 -22.

Much credit to the Lordswood bench of Jamie Callaway, Jo Allen, Manchester Jo, Connor Gue, Brian Little and Billy Davies who when called upon never gave less than 100%.

There was a joint man of the match award which went to Matt Ward and Pat Edgcumbe.

16th January Р1sts away to the Old Williamsonians and 2nd s away to New Ash Green.

Both kick off at 2pm.

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