Club History

Est. 1983

The History of Lordswood R.U.F.C.


Currently only a few pictures of Lordswood RFC throughout the ages. However it is intended that more info and pictures about the history of Lordswood RFC will be added.  If you have anything that will be of use for this page please Email Me.


Lordswood 1st XV – 1983

Back row: Geoff Chun, Ricky Evans Tom Davey Sr, Ken Hornby, Bernie Hatchett, Andy Cobb, Peter Whitman, Steve Smith, Andy Wells, Brendan Moore.

Front row: Bernie Newell, Richie Hales, Peter Gemmell, Nigel Pilkington, Steve Haydon and Tony Squires.


Lordswood Presidents Invitation XV – 1991

Back row: Ricky Evans, Paul Allen, Tony Murrin, Berni Hatchett, Roger Down, David Wootten, Tony Gue, Charlie Shrimpton.

Front Row: Paul ?, ?, ?, ?, Huw Thomas, Pete Gemmell, Ron Skinley.





Lordswood 3rd XV – 1991

Back row: Dave Hills, Taff Morgan, Mickey Harper, Nick Ward, Keith Roffey, Wayne McCarney, ?, Martin Churchouse, Tim Jesus Hall, Graham Kingsnorth

Front row: Steve ‘Wilf’ Rooney, Lee Bance, Micky Peters, Al Cannon, Shaun Scaife.




Lordswood 1st XV – 1993

Back row: Chris Lyons, Rob Embery, Bob Burgey, Ian Wilkinson, David Wootten, Ken Hornby, Paul Allen, Ricky Evans, Dinger Bell, Dave Hooton, Pete Gemmell.

Front row: Shaun Scaife, Sandy Booth, Steve Hatchett, Andy Foley, Simon Brown, Scott Mitchell?, Berni Hatchett.



Lordswood 3rd XV – 1993

Back row: Mad Frank, Iain Jenkins, Tim Hall, Taff Morgan, Martin Churchouse, Ian Wilkinson,Wilf, Nick Ward, Paul Sterrica.

Front row: Brian Botley, ?, ?.





Lordswood 3rds/2nd/1st XV – 1993

Back row: Chris Lyons, Micky Harper, John Box, MadFrank, Andy Leigh, Keith Roffey, David Wootten, Paul Allen, Colin Battersby.

Front row: Sandy booth, Steve Hatchett, Lee Hudson, Huw Thomas, Lee Lucas, Darren Braine.




Lordswood RFC U16 XV – 1995

Back row: Gavin Goodwin, Jon Hills, Shaun Tandy, Jon O’Donnell, Martyn Monk, Lee Crump, Stuart (?), Tom Burgess, ?.

Front row: Dave Rea, Beany?, Dave Jacobs, Lee Evans, Owen Collier, Russell Bowra, Steve Craycraft, Gary Chambers.




Lordswood 1st XV – 2011

Back row: Chris Callaway, , Alex Wellings, Sean Franklin, Symon Wildgoose, Jamie Hoare, Danny Gough, Paul Notley, Tom Dallas, Pat Edgecombe, Miles Gibson, ALan Mount.

Front row: Mike Scaife, Gareth Lister, Steve Crammond, , Jon Hills, Dave Jacobs.