Selection Policy

Lordswood R.F.C.

Selection Policy


There are two training nights each week, a Tuesday and a Thursday.

Attendance to at least one of these sessions will place you in “contention for selection, for the game, at the end of that week. *

This means, as someone who has trained, you will be asked your availability to play and therefore also your willingness to play. For example, if you feel, you are not ready or at training just for fitness midweek, we will know whether or not to select you.

Basically, if you have trained and are deemed fit and able to play, you will have the first acceptance of the spot on the sheet before we look to select someone who has not been able to attend training.

Also from now on, credit will be given to people, who are regular “trainers” that have missed that week of sessions and people who have prior work commitments.

By no means does this mean you will automatically still be selected if you haven’t missed a session prior, but it means your commitment to training will be taken into account when looking to fill gaps, positions. I.e. if the position to be filled is not transferable to your set of skills, then we will select differently.

This Selection policy is being written down for reference, so that there is no possible room for misunderstanding when it comes to match day selection.

The idea behind this selection policy is to get people, who want to represent Lordswood RFC, to train regularly and help take the club forward together.

Our team manager has a very difficult task of liaising with squad members regularly for information. Could you please afford him the respect he shows you and contact him when you are unable to train or play.

Train Hard = Play Easy

* Both sessions is the ideal scenario of course but will not necessarily guarantee selection over someone who has attended only one session.